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Samuel David Lehrer

Samuel David Lehrer Helps Readers Understand How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Symptoms in Those with Autism

Having worked with high-tech medical equipment for decades, Samuel David Lehrer has developed a deep understanding of current technological limits and new breakthrough approaches to care. Here, he explains how hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which uses high concentrations of oxygen and pressure, can help relieve and improve symptoms of autism. Samuel David Lehrer tells us that while hyperbaric […]

Samuel David Lehrer

Samuel David Lehrer Explains How Support for the Little Yellow School House Changes Lives on Isla Mujeres

On Isla Mujeres, Mexico, children with disabilities and their families only have one special needs facility to turn to for help, the Little Yellow School House. Through annual support from volunteers and participants of the Island Time festival, the education center prepares disadvantaged children for traditional schooling and equips them with lifelong skills for success […]

Samuel David Lehrer

Isla Mujeres Charity Draws in Volunteers like Samuel David Lehrer of Miami to Support Education for Special Needs Children

Each year, hundreds of visitors, participants, and volunteers like Samuel Lehrer of Miami flock to Isla Mujeres, Mexico to participate in the annual Island Time Music Festival and Fishing tournament. Through the event, the people of Isla Mujeres are able to raise funds to support and help improve the island’s only special needs education facility. […]

Samuel Lehrer Explains How the Little Yellow School House Equips Disadvantaged Children with Lifelong Skills

The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres, Mexico is designed to provide disadvantaged children on the island with superb education that prepares them for traditional schooling later. Samuel Lehrer, who is an annual volunteer and supporter of the facility, explains below how their curriculum and program improves every student’s chances of success. “The Little Yellow […]

Sam Lehrer of Miami Encourages Developers to Look to Purchase Land Around Puerto Cancún, Mexico

A real estate professional who grew up in a family of developers, Sam Lehrer of Miami has become an authoritative voice on real estate projects across the country and beyond. As counsel to his peers, Lehrer encourages developers interested in foreign real estate projects to look to Cancun, Mexico because of its strong economy and availability of […]