Samuel Lehrer Miami
Samuel Lehrer Miami

Sam Lehrer Miami, Supports the Spread of Quality Educational Resources Globally

Capital Medical Equipment Sales leader, Sam Lehrer Miami works diligently in the U.S. in the medical equipment sales field providing resources for hospitals and medical centers to purchase their operating room equipment with ease. He puts his career success to work for causes that directly improve the education of children across the globe. Sam Lehrer Miami finds that adding the title philanthropist to his description is worthwhile at every turn, after all, success means giving back to those who need it far and wide.

Sam Lehrer Miami and Family Want to Help Raise Awareness For The Little Yellow Schoolhouse

Sam Lehrer Miami does not rest on his laurels, nor spend his time and resources without care. He supports various causes and right now he is donating funds and time to a school in Isla Mujeres Mexico

Sam Lehrer Miami enjoys a good fishing tournament and the Island Time Fishing Tournament, Isla Mujeres Mexico further supports his efforts for the Little Yellow Schoolhouse, a small school that is dedicated to the education and care of special needs children in the area, and other worthy causes.

Sam Lehrer Miami will continue to travel to Isla Mujeres Mexico in the future to contribute time and efforts because the results of his funding and efforts are tangible in the day to day workings of the school. Sam Lehrer Miami also invests his resources into real estate on the East Coast of the U.S. and other worthy causes stateside and abroad. The key to a fulfilled life is the balance of career success, family, hobbies, and giving back to causes you believe in. With the Little Yellow Schoolhouse Sam Lehrer Miami is able to involve his family in the charity work. Sam Lehrer Miami knows that this particular cause stands out for a list of reasons including the fact that unlike broader charity options his funding clearly goes to the success of the small school and directly affects the students and hard-working teachers there.

Sam Lehrer Miami will continue to work hard for causes he believes in. If anyone else is interested in seeing their funding go directly to work helping children in need of extra care in Isla Mujeres then check out their website or contact the school directly. You can also join the local Island Time Fishing Tournament and fish alongside Sam Lehrer Miami and other fishermen and philanthropists who want to support local worthy causes. Sam Lehrer Miami enjoys his trips to the island because it is a way to give back, enjoy family time, and drop a fishing line in the deep blue waters.


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