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Samuel Lehrer - Island Time Music Festival Support Education for Special Needs Children

Samuel Lehrer of Miami and Other Participants of the Island Time Music Festival Support Education for Special Needs Children

The Island Time Music Festival is an annual event on Isla Mujeres in Mexico that raises funds, awareness, and support for the local education facility for special needs children, The Little Yellow School House. Through the support of Samuel Lehrer of Miami and other participants, the facility continues to grow and recruit more professionals that prepare students for traditional schooling and success later in life. 

The Little Yellow School House is the only educational program of its type on the entire island of Mujeres. Without its help, many of the native special needs children would struggle through their education or even be forced with dropping out of school altogether. However, thanks to ongoing support through donations, volunteers, and the Island Time Music Festival, it has grown from a single-room school to a facility with four classrooms, two consulting rooms, and a kitchen. 

“The educators at The Little Yellow School House do more than instruct special needs children in a classroom,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “They prepare them for reintroduction into traditional schooling and teach students habits and resources that will benefit them for a lifetime. They wouldn’t get far, though, without the help of supporters and the people who come to Isla Mujeres for the festival each year. 

During the annual Island Time Music Festival, visitors arrive in Isla Mujeres to watch world-class performers take the stage at intimate venues across the island. Because there’s such a small and tight-knit community on Isla Mujeres, visitors can take in the local culture while sharing the same public spaces as the performers they came to see. 

In addition to the music festival each year is the Island Time Fishing Fest, which draws in tournament fishers like Samuel Lehrer of Miami to the crystal blue waters around the island. All event participants compete for the best sailfish catch in four categories, with awards in each category. All proceeds of both the music event and the fishing tournament are donated to the Little Yellow School House to continue services and expand their offerings.

The Island Time Music Festival is combined with the Fishing Fest during a week-long event that is perfect for fishers, music lovers, and those who love traveling to beautiful and exotic locations. Plus, the event offers the chance for attendees to interact with artists such as writers and performers in a welcoming environment between shows and events.

“Each year, the people of Isla Mujeres welcome visitors from all over the world to their beautiful seaside town to experience its culture and enjoy the festival,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “And the money they spend goes directly to support special needs kids on the island.”

The next Island Time Music Festival and tournament is set to take place February 5-8, 2020. 

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